Our Promise


Our Promise to each of our clients is to provide a thorough and detailed analysis of your prospective or existing home. The process of our inspection services ensures a quality review and report of the property or type service we will provide.

We inspect your home as if we were purchasing the property ourselves or dealing with a specific issue that is related to an existing home or property. Typical inspection times are not adhered as we do not just operate “on the clock”.

Holland Home Consultants does not provide contract services beyond inspection and evaluation. In this, you can remain confident that our services have only your best interests in mind.

We have been in business more than 14 years and know many of the agents that practice Real Estate in the greater Bay areas. Concerns for any partnerships that may not be disclosed are not present. Often we may serve a specific agent(s) client on either the buying or selling side. Agents that we may have worked with or will work with can expect the same diligent services that are contracted by our clients-the buyer or homeowner as ordered.