Inspection Descriptions

Home Inspection 

The home inspection is a thorough review of a residence, including single family homes (new construction or existing), town homes, condominiums and manufactured homes. The scope of this inspection is to evaluate the major systems (HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and Roof). The structure is also reviewed, where accessible, in regards to roof framing, vertical walls, floors and sub-structures. Review of all interior and exterior components is made to include but not limited to windows, doors, appliances, walls, ceilings, finished flooring and all exterior areas to include walls, eaves, exterior windows, site drainage, foliage and walkways/driveways.

The inspection is performed visually on site and includes walking the roof surfaces (where excessive roof pitch or fragile roof system is not present), walking the attic spaces (with adequate gained access) multiple interior and exterior passes/reviews as various sections and systems are evaluated. Inspections contain more than 200 specific points and exceed the inspection standards of A.S.H.I.

Pools, irrigation systems and related fixed components are evaluated with an additional fee of $25. Also, homes that have crawl spaces beneath will require an additional charge that varies with size. We do no inspect low voltage systems that may include alarms, phone, cable, exterior lighting, speaker/sound system wiring.

The inspection report contains and inventory of systems/items installed in the home, lists the deficiencies found at the time of inspection and includes a specific maintenance listing of critical systems and areas of the home for the first five years of ownership. The inspection report is archived on our website for five years with access only to the client and authorized viewers. Fees for this inspection vary by square footage of the home.


Check of Repairs Inspection 

The check of repairs inspection is made after repairs have been made to previously noted deficiencies found at the original inspection.  This review will verify repairs completed, documentation of the repairs and report any deficiencies that may be evident or repairs that are deemed inadequate as observed. Fees for this inspection vary upon the square footage of the home and the scope of repairs that have been completed.


Mold Inspection

Mold inspections are performed separately or in addition to the Home Inspection. Three specific aspects are reviewed and evaluated as part of this inspection.

1)      Presence of moisture in the home. Determined by visual inspection, moisture meter and thermal imaging as needed (determine all potential active, intermittent or previous intrusion points)

2)      Identify the effects of damage from moisture intrusion. This will largely consist of visual evidence of leaks, investigations to determine the source of intrusion and the repairs that will needed.

3)      Air quality testing utilizes a mechanical air pump to draw large air samples from the interior of the dwelling and take an outdoor sample to show base spectrum of potential contaminants. This test will identify the types of mold present and the concentration of the specific species of mold.

Mold inspections will include evaluation of the HVAC systems. Mold does exist naturally in most environments. It is important to collect a comprehensive amount of information regarding all potential sources, the effects regarding the interior/exterior of the dwelling and to examine the spectrum and concentration of mold present. (two separate reports are furnished-on site summary and laboratory analysis) Fees vary by square footage but are standard to 2800 square feet.


New Construction Inspections and Construction Consulting 

The inspection of a newly constructed home is similar to existing homes with several additions. New homes are held to a higher level of industry standards. This includes major systems, appliances and interior/exterior finishes. Site evaluations become more intensive as newer homes are more subject to the effects of poor drainage and related issues. Detailed cosmetic “punch lists” can be produced with an additional fee (detailed cosmetic deficiencies fall outside the scope of home inspection; these additional listings of cosmetic defects or inconsistencies are laborious and detail in a room by room fashion the problems that are evident).

Construction management inspections vary slightly in the detail of reviews that are made. Our basic inspection service is a “three phase” service that includes inspections and check of repairs reviews for the 1) pre-slab/post slab or structure installation. 2) Framing inspection (prior to drywall installation) 3) Final Inspection that includes full review of the home.  (fees also include an initial review of plans during the “home owner” meeting)

Related services include “draw inspections” (for disbursement of funds during the process based upon completion of various aspects), “moisture testing” (more typically conducted prior to wood floors installed), “soil tests” (these are more typically conducted by a contracted firm specializing in these services with the guidance and direction of our team), “structural evaluations” (these additional reviews are more typically due to problems that have occurred during inspection periods or prior and require further evaluation).

Inspectors involved as an independent consultant provide valuable quality assurance which is appreciated by Contractors and Home Owners during the process. The Inspector serves as a conduit during the process and provides valuable documentation of the construction processes.


Investigative Reviews 

These inspections and/or evaluations are commonly specific to an existing or suspected problem. These inspections are commonly due to roof problems, poor site drainage, inadequate HVAC or unexplained moisture related problems. These services are charged as a per hour fee and will include written narrative reports and photos as needed.


Construction Management 

We provide services in construction management that include inspection and consulting services for homeowners during the renovations, condominium associations during repair processes or for general maintenance or building wellness. Services vary in nature and are tailored for specific needs of the home owner or group.


Commercial Inspections

Commercial inspections are conducted in similar manners to single family residence inspections but are grouped into two separate categories. 1) Major systems reviews include evaluations of the structure, HVAC system, Plumbing system, Electrical system and Roof system. A general interior and exterior review is made for evidence of hazards and moisture intrusion. 2) Detailed analysis includes room by room review of the property and all aspects of the major systems review (detailed inspections are more common for office use or retail environments). Fees are based upon inspection type and size of the property as this will impact the time on site and the length of the reports produced.